Brand value of swiss+cotton

Any product displaying the swiss+cotton mark is guaranteed to contain the finest cotton which will last a long time and be comfortable to wear. For this reason, only products made from the very best cotton, produced in line with stringent Swiss quality standards, are awarded the swiss+cotton mark of quality.

The mark is a convincing selling point for manufacturers and traders. But it is also a safe choice for consumers both in Switzerland and abroad.

swiss+cotton is aimed at discriminating, self-confident consumers in the higher-income bracket with a strong affinity for choice quality Swiss products.

Benefits of the brand

  • Value added for entire production chain right down to the consumer
  • Quality assurance throughout entire value added chain
  • Brings together technical expertise
  • Essential extra sales argument
  • Reinforces competitive edge over competition
  • Added value for existing brands
  • Makes optimum use of national and international market potential