Attractive benefits of the brand

The swiss+cotton quality mark stands for top Swiss quality for woven fabric and gives all the participating companies a key competitive edge on the market.

Benefits for pool members

swiss+cotton gives producers the certainty that they are manufacturing high quality textile articles with excellent properties from the finest raw materials. This is another strong selling point in relation to their customers.

Benefits for the trade licensees

swiss+cotton guarantees procurement of a high quality basic product manufactured under fair conditions, which is easy to process and/or sell.

Benefits for garment finishers

Because of the high quality criteria applicable to fabric manufacture, swiss+cotton endows every cotton textile with clear added value for the final consumer and therefore gives the garment finisher a competitive edge on the sales market.

That is why consumers give preference to products labelled with the swiss+cotton mark

From the second a customer sees the mark at the point of sale, swiss+cotton provides them with the assurance that they are buying a choice, supple, soft and easy-care textile that will give them pleasure for a long time to come.

Customers can rely on the swiss+cotton guarantee of Swiss workmanship, and confidence in the product range grows with every item bought.